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HP Pavilion G4-1220 Laptop Price in Pakistan

Pakistani Rs. 59,000 (USD 738 )

 HP g4-1220  Computer, Laptop Prices in Pakistan
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Specification & Features of HP Pavilion G4-1220 Laptop


Company :
Series :
Product Model Name :
Product Type :
Product Price :
Rs. 59,000 (in Pakistani Rates)
Available Colours :
Weight :
2.55 Kg
Battery Information
Battery Time :
2-3 Hours
Battery Type :
Lithium Ion
Number of Cells :
6 cells
Broad Features
Web Camera :
FingerPrint Reader :
Laptop Modem :
Screen Features
Aspect Ratio :
Wide Screen :
Touch Screen :
Screen Size :
14 inches
Screen Type :
High-Definition LED HP BrightView Display
Screen Resolution :
1366 x 768
Dimension :
Hieght: 34.1 cm, Width: 23.1 cm, Depth: 3.56 cm
Processor Features & Optical drive
Processor Company :
Processor Speed :
2.4 GHz
Bit Processing :
64 bits
Cache L1-L2 :
3 MB
CD / Dvd / Super Drive Support :
Super Drive
Maximum Supported Processors
Installed Processor :
Core I5
No Supported Processor Available.
Hard Disk / Drive Specification
Hard Disk / Drive Name :
Rounds per Minute(RPM) :
5400 rpm
Hard Disk / Drive Capacity :
500 GB
Memory / Ram Specification
Memory / Ram Type :
Number of Memory / Ram Slots :
2 Slot
Memory / Ram Size :
4 Giga Bite
Maximum Supported Memory / Ram Size :
8 Giga Bite
MotherBoard Specification
No Data Available for Motherboard.
Network and Channels
LAN (or) Network Adapter :
Integrated 10/100 BASE-T Ethernet LAN
InfraRed :
Wifi :
BlueTooth :
Useful Ports
Card Reader :
Display Port :
Sound Port :
1 Headphone-out, 1 Microphone-in
3 usb Ports
IDE Technology :
Not Available
PS2 Port :
Not Available
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